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Sell My Car Gold Coast

Lets Roll Gold Coast will buy your car

Make appointment and bring your car in.

Vehicle inspection, valuation and offer.

Get paid!

Buying most makes and models

We are a reputable family business who has been operating on the Gold Coast for over 10 years. With Let's Roll, there are no games, under valuing your car, or any underhanded tricks that can be played on you when trying to trade in your vehicle. Just a fair deal for your second hand car.

Why sell your car in the Gold Coast to Let's Roll?

Selling your car on the Gold Coast is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Selling your car for a great price on the Gold Coast has never been so easy and stress free. For the easiest sale of your car, just follow our 3 basic steps:

Step 1

Contact Let's Roll Gold Coast to make an appointment and bring your car in.

Step 2

Have your car inspection with us, and we will make you an offer on the day.

Step 3

We deposit the funds into your account, and we take possession of your used car.

We are the most fair used car buyers in the Gold Coast

Dealing in cars is our business and we are buying cars every day. We make the buying and selling process easy and are completely transparent with our valuing. You will get more for your car dealing with Let’s Roll Gold Coast.

Get cash for cars on the Gold Coast from Let's Roll

Forget the time consuming and expensive exercise of advertising your car for sale, dealing with tyre kickers and time wasters. With Let's Roll Gold Coast, we've made the process of selling your car simple. 

We buy all brands, condition of car (providing it's running) and all years. Speak to one of our friendly staff today about what price we can give you for your second hand car.

We understand how stressful and frustrating it can be to try and sell a car privately, so we offer to take the work off your hands by giving you a fair price for your used car on the spot.

We provide a free used car valuation

If you need to know how much your car is worth, give us a call today to have a chat about your used car for sale.

It may be tempting to take the offer from a car dealership for a trade in, or even a cash sale, but we highly recommend speaking to Let's Roll Gold Coast to get a fair valuation first, so you can know what your car is really worth.

Our network of retail and wholesale buyers, along with our 10 years of first hand experience in the industry means that we know how to give you a true value for your car. 

No Obligation!

Quick and Easy!

Best Prices Offered!

What do I need to sell my car for cash on the Gold Coast today?

If you are looking for a quick sale with no headaches, providing the following items will help us make the sale of your car as smooth as possible, and allow us to offer the best price:

Service books and owner’s manual

Any paperwork that relates to the service history or ownership of your vehicle, the more you have the better.

Your driver’s license

A valid and current drivers licence is required.

Spare keys (if you have them).

Please ensure that you bring the spare keys, as they can be expensive to replace.

Your cars registration certificate.

This will be required for proof of registration.

If you have finance on your car, any relevant paperwork.

If you are unsure about any of the above information, give us a call to ask any questions you may have.

Pitfalls of selling your car privately

There are a lot of common mistakes people make when selling a car privately. These can range from accepting a low offer based on the buyers comments, all the way to being scammed with the ''buyers'' payment method. 

A common issue with selling a car privately is when the buyer does not do their research on your car, or inspect it properly, and after the sale is completed, constantly contacting you for ''warranty''issues.

With Let's Roll Gold Coast, we do all of our inspections before purchasing your car, and once the transaction is complete, the car is ours, and the money is yours. As a licensed auto dealer for over 10 years, you can trust that not only the price we offer you is fair, but the transaction is fast and secure.

Why you shouldn't trade your car in at a dealership

Trading in your second hand or used car to a dealership can seem like an easy option for getting the car out of your hands, so you can step into a new one. However there are some common pitfalls and issues with trading in your vehicle. 

The main issue is being ''low-balled'' on price, where the dealership offers you a low trade in price for your used car. The dealership can sometimes be misleading in their approach to you, saying that the car isn't worth as much as people say online, it has expensive issues which in reality are not expensive at all (in fact sometimes the issue doesn't even exist), or the model of car that you are trading in has very little demand, so it would be hard for them to sell.

There are many issues with trading a car in to a dealership, but the general rule of trading in your used car is that the dealership can use a lot of smoke and mirrors to make the purchase of your new car so enticing, that you are more willing to accept a less than fair deal.

At Let's Roll, we will not only give you a fair price for your car, but we will give you cash (or online bank transfer), and you get the money on the same day. By selling your car to us as opposed to trading it in at a dealership, you have more bargaining power if you wish to purchase a car, as cash is king.